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Transworld Trading Company
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Name:Mr. Mirza Zaman [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Mobile Number:00923212472837
Phone Number:0092-21-35218843&++35623231
Address:9-A,Askari-1,Ch.Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road,Clifton
Karachi 75330, Sind
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Registration Date:Jun. 03, 2005
Last Updated:Oct. 12, 2009
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Agriculture category

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It is trading Company involved in exports of agro products that include our owned farm products like Aloevera & Peach, processed in to aloevera gel, oils, peach milk solo and in combination with aloevera as skin care Lotion being used by cosmetics, beauty, soap and pharmaceutical Industries. Sun Block-60 cream with Aloevera is unique product for summers/ hot regions and Peach Milk with Aloevera, Elastin, Collagen, Alphahydroxy Acid, Vitamin E & C also a moisturizer and sunscreen usefull in all seasons specially during winters against cold dry skin. We are processing Fullers Earth as facial mask, scalp/ hair care and body wrap, an ancient skin care formula. We also supply Henna Leaves. All these products are complete beauty, skin care and cosmetics concepts. We are processing Fullers Earth ( Attapulgite) for industrial use also.These products are processed by a reputed public sector Lab that is ISO 9001 certified.During export of our products, analysis certificates are issued by this institution and further testified by Chamber of Commerce & Industries We also deal in Corn, Rice all qualities, Wheat Husk, Urea, soya beans, soya beans meal, sugar and other commodities of interest.

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